It was a Tuesday evening in one of our usual meeting with Mr. Frank Akwasi Debrah (Now Constituency Chairman)at the precinct of Club Corner in 2012,when he insisted that we ‘push’ Mr. Ebenezer Nii Narh NARTEY ( MP) to the status of the Constituency Legislator with every strength that we wield.

The infamous truth is that,I was a bit skeptical and copiously reserved about his incessant pressure but had to give in,in order not to be likened to the Biblical Judas.We started by executing a well orchestrated plan by closing on people who were day-dreaming and were still wallowing in post Robert Sarbah era.

Success eluded us in 2012,but our burning desire and resolve to make him an MP was the focal point.All these struggles were often occasioned with counter disagreement with Mr. Ebenezer Nartey on numerous issues especially at the Youth Wing Level but we tacitly, denounced our egotistical tendencies and moved on for the project.

Fortunately,he was called to the highest Legislative Arena in Ghana as a Lawmaker on 7th January,2017.

As a student of Politics,I never expected much from a young and first-time M.P from a backdrop of a Nation that has been cajoled into a silly IMF conditionality coupled with a *Create,Loot and share* mantra with its associated Bus branding,”Dumsor” and all….

Alas! Our MP was in to pull a surprise on all of us including my good self with mind boggling projects which is the envy of colleague MP’s and some Ministerial portfolio holders.

The Restoration AGENDA of building confidence in the Constituents has gained enough roots that deserves commendation and worthy to be documented.

He has not only set standard but taken some hearts and minds to the cleaners.

The Honourable Member of Parliament has done the honourable thing by honorably honouring his promises…

We are blessed to have you as our MP.

The standard of Education,Sanitation,Employment and Health is having a positive bearing on the Constituency already but will touch on Education today.


In 2017 alone ,He;

* Distributed 3000 Mathematical Sets to some Basic pupils in the Constituency.

* 100.000 Exercise Books to both Public/Private schools(from Prim. 1 – JHS 3)

* Financial Support to Head Teachers/ Circuit Supervisors of Basic Schools.

* Fencing of New Abossey Okai Basic School

* Awarded 80 students who excelled in the BECE Exams.


*Fencing of Riyadh Islamic School at Mambrouk Electoral Area.

* 400 bags of Cement to support Darul-Salaam Islamic School construction.

* Built ICT/Library block at A.O JHS at Abossey Okai

* Cash/ Provisions for 70 students who excelled in the BECE Exams.

* Organized Mock Exams for all Public/Private final year students of Basic schools.

* Supplied 2500 Mathematical Sets to Basic Schools.

*Scholarships to SHS students admitted into Universities.

* Provided support for the establishment of a Science Laboratory @ Kaneshie West 4 & 5 Cluster of Schools.

These are just but a few educational projects the MP has embarked on between 2017 and 2018.

The prospects in 2019 is great but with its on uphill tasks.

We cannot stand akimbo and look on ……but help to make your reign a success.

On behalf of the Constituency Executives,Constituents and on my own behalf,I wish you well this year and the years to come.

…a charge to keep you have.

Watch out next on Sanitation….


Evans A. Amihere

Communication Officer

Ablekuma Central Communication Hub


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